Crap Shoot

by James Joseph Brown

      Come follow me down
this cardboard lined street
                         I’ve got God in a box
       complete with backlit panorama
              and throbbing ego
                          your own beauty shattered
       and reflected back at you
the scabs you forgot
                          to wash down the drain
     My city fell and landed in planes                            Stacked itself into a leaning jewel
     Twisted and compressed into a miniature you       Never took me aside and told me
stop just stop                                                               that’s enough
      Drop coins into my cup
           when you pass me on the street
                        I’ll turn them into dice, tiny monsters
      the kids you forgot
            to pick up after school
                        shake them until
      my luck turns around
             and frees you from my blankets
                        of need

© 2019 Helen: a literary magazine