The Anthology

collected works from the staff

of Helen: a literary magazine

Badlands | Maria Cecilia Azar
Crap Shoot | James Joseph Brown
The Strip | James Joseph Brown
Down Sagamore Hill | Clara Burghelea
Saguaro | Christine Dorudian
Glass Coffins | Arika Elizenberry
Colors | Taylor Gianfrancisco
Baba Yaga | TJ Hoffer
Cuppa | Kathryn McKenzie
Poppy Seeds | Teresa Morse
Lies to Tell My Child | Kari O'Connor
vegas poem number three | Kari O'Connor
I Saw the Hole Universe | Giancarlo Riccobon
Fairy Great Aunties | Vogue Robinson
Lonely Woman | Andrew Romanelli
Nick Flynn | Andrew Romanelli
Wet | Melinda Russek
This Hue Only Exists Here | Brett Salsbury
Before I Was Born, I Could Smile | Brett Salsbury
Tapping in | Sarah Saltiel
Aquarium | DeAnna Stephens
16 Adult, 26 stillborn corpses stranded in open trailer on Joburg highway | Charika Swanepoel
Portrait of an Artist as a Young Lady | Julia Watson
Julian Accidentally Goes on a Date with a Really Old Man | Ashley Carranza
Hot Vegas Nights | Krista Diamond
Velma | Christine Dorudian
A Writer's Lie | Mini Gautam
A Green Thumb | Trina Kurilla
Unraveling | Ingrid L. Taylor
Underwater | Courtney Felle
Sun Pee Bingo | Suzanne Hackett-Morgan
A Conversation With Your Ex, Arthritis | Sara Pisak
Life: A Series of Expectations | Ailun Shi
The Playground Cracks #1 | Rozlyn Anderson-Hagins

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